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This January, we are welcoming Earthbound Cornwall back to Surfside to host dinner and DJ! On the 20th, they will be offering a three course meal from their set menu for only £39 per person with a welcome drink included. After the food, Rory will be spinning some records upstairs in our restaurant, where people can come and have a chat with him regarding the Earthbound farm project. Bookings must be made in advance, so make sure to grab a spot before it’s too late!

In light of this event, we have done a short interview with Rory in order to delve a bit deeper into his music and the Earthbound farm.

earthbound menu

Tell us a little about Earthbound and the farm!

Earthbound is a small market garden that me and Milo set up at the beginning of this year, we are setting up a perennial nursery alongside the continuing market garden. We are community driven and our local support network is very important to us, music, food, farming. (A passionate contribution to Cornwall’s local food economy).

Talk us over the menu for the 20th January

As we enter the hunger gap in the UK we are trying to utilise everything we have on the farm, within reason. The starter showcases the last of our winter radishes and parsley, and homemade mayo (a must at Earthbound). We’ve just added some of our confit garlic to our mayo to bring it even higher.

Pollock has always been a favourite, we are switching out the pumpkin this time for watercress and the sauce is rich and perfect for winter, pennywort is a succulent found on every Cornish wall and they are popping right now. Poached apples are a classic, but the meadowsweet we add takes it to another planet. Hazelnut biscuit is also a Earthbound family favourite!

Rory and Milo sat together on a bench in front of a barn

How long have you been DJing?

I have been collecting records for a while, although the early days were spent next to free party sound systems in the midlands so I picked up a lot of hard trance there, which is not something I play very often now haha. I’m not sure how much of a DJ I am, I just enjoy showing people what I like I guess, it’s always a good conversation starter.

What’s your music style and what kind of atmosphere do you aim to create when you perform?

I’m not sure really! I like to think you could be in a big living room relaxing for hours, then everyone breaks out into a boogie because the DJ has put on a classic you never thought you knew.

What do you enjoy most about playing at Surfside specifically?

The staff are great at surfside, I share music with Tom as he’s an avid collector of the same sort of music I like. The trust he gives me makes me love playing there. The crowd is always a good laugh too, great local following.

Do you have any funny anecdotes you can share from playing at Surfside?

Tom can tell you about the time he made us play on the beach, spelt our name wrong and built a ghetto makeshift shack to keep the sand off the records, we looked like proper pirates it was so funny.

Have you ever collaborated with other local artists or musicians? Or are there any other local musicians you’d recommend people check out?

Not yet but there is a lot planned for this year so keep an eye out! I haven’t been able to explore other artists locally as the farm keeps us very busy, but I’m hoping to be able to get out there more as we get on. Some all time favourite records, however, would be Dope Lemon (any album) and Scott Lavene’s 2019 album ‘Broke’ is amazing, I also love Baxter Dury’s latest Album, I could go on and on about recommendations though.

Earthbound At Surfside

Earthbound will be playing at Surfside on January 20th, alongside cooking up a meal from their set menu.