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Finley Quaye was born in Edinburgh and raised in Stockbridge, before moving to London as a young child. He began making music from a very early age, and started to put his first songs together while in Manchester as a teenager. He played piano at the age of 11, and programmed music from the age of 14, around the same time he picked up the guitar. 

Moving between Edinburgh and London frequently, whilst recording his first album Maverick A Strike, Finley first signed with Polydor Records but later moved on to sign with Epic Records and Spirit Songs/EMI Publishing. Over the years, he had several managers, including the legendary Frank Gironda who takes care of stars such as Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Mazzy Star and Spiritualized. However, since 2005 he has been self-managed and without an agent or a record label, after parting with Epic Records on amicable terms in 2003.

Some of his career highlights include supporting James Brown, performing in Europe, South Africa, Hong Kong, Brazil, the USA and Canada.

Finley continues to make music and perform as both a band and a solo acoustic artist, playing predominantly with his Fender Stratocaster accompanied by a variety of amplifiers as well as Spanish classical guitars.